If you would like to register for work with the ILWU Local 400 Marine Section. Please follow the steps listed below. 

  1. Gather all marine related documents issued to you either by Transport Canada or your nautical school. If you are unsure of what is exactly required to register, look under the jobs link and go to certification requirements and find the applicable section. Do not attempt to register until you have all of your documents/certifications together, partial applications will not be accepted or processed.  If you have acquired new certifications after registering, you must re submit the entire application package after informing the TREASURER of this. 
  2. Come to our office in person (or make alternate arrangements – and register with the Secretary Treasurer (Ziggy Mangat). Bring all original documents with you and wear a mask as per COVID-19 protocols. Call the office to ensure the Secretary Treasurer is in the office, before coming. Upon arrival in the parking lot, please knock on the ILWU 400 window or call the office and someone will let you into the building.
  3. Once you have registered and you have not received a call for work or you have not called into the dispatch line for work (and been awarded the work), you must re-register to be eligible for dispatch. Your information will not be kept on file for longer than 6 months, this means you need to register for work twice a year.
  4. If the Treasurer is unable to reach you your name maybe removed from the dispatch list.  (Be sure to make sure you have provided a correct phone number and to keep it updated with the dispatcher).