If you would like to register for work with the ILWU Local 400 Marine Section. Please follow the steps listed below. 

  1. Gather all marine related documents issued to you either by Transport Canada or your nautical school. If you are unsure of what is exactly required to register, look under the jobs link and go to certification requirements and find the applicable section. Do not attempt to register until you have your certifications together.
  2. Scan all your documents into a single PDF File. Do not take photos and convert them in to a PDF, as once they are faxed they become blurred.
  3. Email the file to the Secretary Treasurer (Ziggy Mangat) at treasurer@ilwu400.org along with a short intro. Then follow up with a phone call to confirm he has received your information.
  4. Once the Treasurer has reviewed your file he will then contact you to schedule an online registration. You are required to have access to a webcam (laptop, phone or other source) with the ability to listen and speak.
  5. Once your online registration is complete you may bid for the jobs on the job line.