Get Organized!

For many workers the issues of wages, safety and benefits top their list of concerns.  A Union like the ILWU can negotiate for benefits such as sick leave, dental benefits, pensions and welfare plans.  The importance of layoff procedures that provide proper notice and bumping rights and maternity/parental leave are but a few benefits we have achieved resulting from our superior ability to negotiate your terms and conditions of employment.

Having a Union not only helps you on the job but also offers you assistance with WorkSafe BC appeals, human rights complaints, and occupational health and safety concerns.

The ILWU Canada’s motto is “An Injury to One, is An Injury to All” and we negotiate collective agreements with this always in the forefront. 

For more information and to get the process started,  Call us today at 604-254-8141 and ask what the ILWU Canada can do for you!

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